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GROME DESIGN "we love linen" does not hunt for trends. We design timeless products that is independent of the trend and always fits. Our customers are the people who appreciate nature, the slow-life and comfort.

Our brand was created by Natalia - a designer (interior and fashion) and photographer - who has been loving linen for over 20 years, wearing it herself, at home and at work. She loves its beauty and the incredible fact that it improves with age. 
The brand GROME DESIGN "we love linen" was born out of a love for linen, which combines fashion and living.

Our production is based 100% in Europe (Poland). We work with small tailors to guarantee the quality of each piece. We know the hands that made our collections, as well as the working conditions.

We are vegan and do not use fabrics that use animals for their production, such as wool, silk, angora, cashmere or leather.