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this is aanonymous opinion poll. We want more

learn about our customers about our

To be able to tailor products even better to your needs.

Filling out the questions only takes a few minutes.

We thank you for your time with a discount code.

We needno personal informationfrom you.

Wie jung sind Sie (ungefähr)?
What size do you usually buy?
Wo wohnen Sie?
Which GROME DESIGN products do you find interesting?
Which product features are important to you?
What clothes do you spend the most money on?
Where would you wear our clothes?
In which situations would you wear our clothes?
Der Erhalt des Rabatts beeinflusst Ihre Kaufentscheidungen?
How do you rate our design?How do you rate our design?

Thank you - your 20% discount code is: THANK YOU

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