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Linen in contemporary aesthetics

for women who appreciate timeless charm,

artistic minimalism and a modern vision

In 2020 I founded the brand GROME DESIGN "we love linen" - my goal is to create a contemporary, modern, and minimalist interpretation of linen clothing.

Logo GROME DESIGN auf dem Band

Best Sellers

Eine Model in Leinenbluse

With our vegan range we support a conscious life in harmony with the Nature.

Designed in Germany - Made in Europe.

We work with manufactories and know the production conditions.

Eine Model in Leinenbluse
Leinenkleidung hängt am Zaun

Linen is a fabric that has stood the test of time. We "return" to this fabric in the belief that natural fabrics like linen make sense - organic, climate friendly, sustainable.​

Linen isn't just a fabric, it's a way of life.


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