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Our Story

In 2020 I founded the brand GROME DESIGN "we love linen", the name of which is made up of the first letters of my two last names, Grott-Mess (GRO ME). My focus is on exploring and developing linen fabrics, which have always been an integral part of my personal style and should never be missing from my wardrobe. My goal is to create a contemporary, modern and minimalist interpretation of linen clothing. Through my designs I want to show others that despite its traditional association, linen can also be an aesthetically pleasing and feminine option, free of old-fashioned associations. I would describe it as casual elegance.

About me


My name is Natalia and I am a trained interior designer with a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In addition to my work in the fashion industry, photography is my great passion. I love photographing my fashion designs. All photos you see here were taken by me.

I consider imagery to be my "language" that I express in all my visual projects. I always combine elements of minimalism, a palette of white and beige tones as well as brightness and lightness.

I am the head, heart and soul of the brand. If you have any questions about our label, are unsure about sizes or would simply like to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to write to me. I am your first point of contact and am here to provide you with advice and support:

natalia (at)

Eine Model mit Hut
Leinenkleidung auf dem Zaun

Our products


Our production takes place 100% in Europe. We work closely with small tailors to ensure the quality of each piece. It is important to us to know not only the hands that make our collections, but also the working conditions under which they work.

We are vegan and do not use materials that come from animals, such as wool, silk, angora, cashmere or leather.

The linen fabrics we use to make our collections are certified: OEKO-TEX.

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